LibreOfficeKit GTK+ Viewer Widget

Easily integrating LibreOffice directly into any other application is now a step closer thanks to the new GTK+ lok_docview widget (currently only on the feature/gtkbmptiledviewer2 branch, API and naming liable to change, usual disclaimers, etc.).

It currently sports a very simple api, consisting of the following two methods:

GtkWidget*   lok_docview_new (LibreOfficeKit* pOffice);
gboolean     lok_docview_open_document (LOKDocView* pDocView,
                                        char* pPath);
The gtktiledviewer has been upgraded to use this widget, and looks much as it did before (although with some notable improvements, more below):
New and Improved

New and Improved (no more missing portions)

As mentioned above, there have been some further improvements to the tiled rendering in general:
  • All document content is now rendered, we don’t have missing text/images outside of the top-left section anymore.
  • Alpha channel is now set correctly in the tiled rendering output (less relevant for the widget where we could easily hide that, but useful for other uses of tiled rendering where additional manipulation of buffers can now be avoided).

I’m hoping to get started on tiled rendering support for calc next (currently only writer documents are supported). I’m also optimistic that we’ll be able to merge back onto master (allowing for more widespread experimentation) soon.

(For now we just dump one bitmap for the entire document within our widget — not hugely efficient, but simple and useable. Hopefully in the long run we’ll be able to move to having some form of proper tile compositing and also get rid of bitmap rendering — all of which can be hidden away within the widget implementation.)

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