Firebird’s Dialects

After spending some time trying to figure out why firebird didn’t like quoted identifiers I discovered that I had missed that the database supports multiple sql “dialects” (quoted identifiers are needed e.g. in ‘CREATE TABLE “aTableName”….’ — Base uses quoted identifiers everywhere in fact — previously quotation marks were replaced with spaces which was a somewhat ugly/wrong solution to the problem). These dialects are:

  • 1: The original dialect for IB5.5 and earlier which doesn’t supported quote identifiers, the various sql date/time types etc.
  • 3: The dialect for IB6 and newer which supports quoted identifiers, various sql date/time types etc.

Previously dialect 1 had been in use, and I had no clue that this was the issue. As part of the journey towards discovering this I did however manage to add support for passing usernames/password to firebird (although this is unused so far — remote db support still needs to be added, but only really involves parsing a connection string — embedded dbs are accessed without usernames and passwords), some of the database metadata definitions were also cleaned up/implemented.

In other news, the sdbc driver can now list the names of all the columns in a table except for the first column. It doesn’t seem to be an off-by-one error as the methods to get column names are all called and return data as expected — but it definitely is a bug somewhere in the driver.

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One comment on “Firebird’s Dialects
  1. Lester Caine says:

    We tend to forget about dialect 1 as it is so old now and the majority of Firebird tools simply default to 3 these days since it was open sourced after that development. But it is an example of how long the software has been around, and many of us have data going back 20 years which is still managed in the same way it was in Interbase days … I still have some D1 databases that I must upgrade sometime – but the systems are still working!