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Tracking Protection for Android’s WebView

Unlike iOS (really just Safari), Android has no content blocking API. Tracking protection is available in some browsers, e.g. Firefox in combination with addons (and also in Firefox’s private browsing which includes tracking protection enabled by default). For fun, we

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Postbuild gradle commands in Buddybuild for Android

We’re currently using Buddybuild as our CI system for Firefox Focus for Android. It’s been a great solution for getting CI running with minimal hassle, and it also provides the infrastructure to quickly deploy builds for internal testing. Although Buddybuild

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Fun with VectorDrawable’s (or: how to make them work everywhere)

We recently started trying to use VectorDrawable’s – this is as part of an effort to reduce and minimise app size. VectorDrawable’s are a vector image format, based on SVG. Reliably using them across multiple Android versions, and a diverse

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