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Bluetooth in Impress Remote

The Impress Remote Control now supports bluetooth, albeit currently only on Linux machines. I’m going to be adding windows support as soon as the bluetooth dongle for my windows desktop arrives. In the meantime I’ve been working on a bit

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The latest “about” Impress Remote

I’ve doing a fair bit of background work on the Impress Remote, involving a tedious couple of days getting pairing functioning correctly and reliably, and refactoring various services. For example, now you can control which remotes can control your presentation

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Impress Remote — Dialog

The last few days I’ve been working on the dialog which is used to allow a client to connect to libreoffice, here’s a very early screenshot: This screen will also have a pin input added to allow authentication (i.e. to

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Finding a computer to control

On Friday I implemented the finding and almost the choosing of servers from the app — almost since a list of servers appears, but selection doesn’t yet actually do anything yet. I’m currently testing on a tablet, hence the rather

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