Calc & Impress Tiled Rendering, and LOKDocView

At the Libreoffice Conference 2014 in Bern I gave some very brief talks, both related to my work this summer on tiled rendering (and the possibilities of reuse in external applications):

Calc and Impress Tiled Rendering

A shortish talk (as part of the GSOC Panel) on the implementation of Tiled Rendering for Calc and Impress:


(Click on image for Hybrid PDF)

LOKDocView: the LibreOfficeKit GTK+ Widget

A very brief lightning talk on how to use our shiny new LibreOfficeKit GTK+ Widget (named LOKDocView). Is hopefully easy to use, hence one slide of real content should hopefully be enough to explain how to use it.


(Click on image for Hybrid PDF)

Attending the conference was a very valuable experience; allowing me to see past and future work by fellow contributors in addition to useful technical advice from some of the most important LibreOffice developers.

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