LibreOffice on Android #3 – Calc Documents

After a somewhat painful debugging experience*, it’s now possible to view Calc documents on Android too.

This combines the Calc Tiled Rendering work (thanks to the Google Summer of Code) with the LibreOffice Android Viewer developed by Collabora (thanks to Smoose):

Calc on Android

This work is still on a branch (as some of the changes affect Calc’s normal rendering, and still need to be fully verified as to not introduce unwanted bugs there), but should hopefully be mergeable soon.

* Using the r10-ndk it was possible to at least set (and make use of) breakpoints on methods, however gdb seemed to be blind to any other debug-info, making this a pointless exercise. With the r9d-ndk, gdb wasn’t even able to connect to the application. (Fortunately we can still get log output via adb logcat — resulting in slow but useable debugging.)

(Update: It’s also worth noting that we don’t use the standard ndk build system (the LO build system is hugely complex already), and we have problems with the standard android linker due to the sheer size of what we do, currently we therefore link all our (usually separate on a desktop) libraries into one huge library (but restrict building debug info to only a few modules so that we can still link that huge library without running out of memory), which might also not be so helpful for the ndk-gdb. I’ll be back on my main machine soon, so can experiment with a full debuginfo build there hopefully, but on my laptop that just isn’t feasible.)

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